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Hello and welcome to my Viridian Energy Blog! My name is Todd Young and I’m an Executive Director with Viridian. I have never been so proud to represent any company as I am with Viridian Energy!

Viridian Energy Is A Category Creator. Affordable Green Energy!

Viridian EnergyChances are you have found your way to this page because you have been considering joining Viridian Energy and have heard through the grape vine that the Viridian Network is growing BIG. Well, you’re right!

Our 2013 Sustainability Report will tell you educate you as to our growth in the past 4 years.

I can tell you first hand about the truth about Viridian Energy and how you can succeed in this business.

Are you doing your “due diligence” on Viridian to see if it’s a fit for you? | Who exactly is Viridian Energy and what is their mission?

I have been with Viridian Energy since February, 2010 and I can tell you that Michael Fallquist, CEO and Founder of Viridian Energy  is the man you want to be with!

Read on and see why Viridian Energy  is becoming a world-class Network Marketing company and impacting peoples lives in a positive way!

Deregulation will only happen ONCE! Are you involved in a category creator?

Viridian Energy is an energy company that has been extremely socially responsible in providing clean energy options at very competitive prices. This company was founded with the vision to not only empower customers to make a difference for the environment, but also to make a difference in their personal lives simply by switching energy providers. Viridian Energy was founded in March 2009 and since then has been standing out among competitors who charge a significant premium for green electricity. A company with such a good cause as Viridian is helping people not only save the environment but also to save money and make money.

Viridian Energy  | Who and What Exactly Is Viridian Energy?

When you get involved in Viridian or any other type of Network Marketing opportunity, you must work hard, have a vision and never ever give up. The reason people quit is because most people are lazy or do not have a working system, or simply do not understand what it takes to succeed in this opportunity. Therefore, in the home-based business for over 97% of people fail (quit) in their first six months. These are the people who go around trying to diminish the reputation and proven reputable companies like Viridian Energy.

Having Passion and belief in Viridian Energy are the main factors to be successful in your MLM opportunity. No matter what form of advertising that is used to enhance this process, always comes down to potential customers. The more targeted your prospects are the best you will recruit in your business. Todd knows how to drive traffic to his websites!

The income opportunity along with the perfect product.

I know that only a rare few would take advantage of it.

It has come to my attention that 
YOU are one such individual.

To receive your share of this extraordinary gift,
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This is How you Succeed in Viridian Energy!

The faster you learn to master our simple process, the faster your business will take off. I will show you the exact system that I used to build my business and the businesses of everyone on my team! Now that you understand that Viridian Energy is a very real opportunity, I will show you how to create a residual income promoting Viridian Energy. Everyone uses electricity and gas! Everyone wants to save money. Everyone wants to make money. Why not you? Why not now?

To Your Success!

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